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 MFL Resources

All the resources on this page are free for you to access and use.  To see the resource, click on the blue hyperlink next to the description. The resource will open up in a separate window. To return to this page, simply close the new window when you have finished with it.

To save a resource to your hard disc, right click on the link and choose Save target as .. (Internet Explorer) or Save link as .. (Firefox).

Resource Description Link(s)
emploi du temps
ecrit yr7
How do you spend your time? A picture timetable to write about in French, by Virginie Annès. doc
french numbers Here's a neat little PowerPoint presentation from Liz Hartley. Numbers flash up on the screen giving children a chance to call out the French number before the next one appears. As Liz says, "This could also be used for naming colours".
It would also be equally useful for other languages.
hotel yr8
reading comp
A reading comprehension exercise from the pen of  Virginie Annès. doc
la_bonne_sant A worksheet for KS3 in the form of a letter from a Parisian girl with questions and follow-up activities. Thanks to Virginie Annès. rtf
mon animal domestique Thanks to Esther Mercier, Longridge High School, Lancashire for this AT3 worksheet. Match the pictures of animals to the sentences that describe them or, on screen, drag and drop the pictures into their descriptions. doc
yr8 le parties du corps Do you know the names of the parts of the skeleton in French? Here's a nice smiley skeleton to practice on. Another from Virginie Annès. doc

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