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Internet Links

We have been collecting and reviewing links to interesting and appropriate websites since ICTeachers began in 1999, therefore what you have access to on the following pages is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of tried and tested websites. All of them are useful to teachers and most of them are useful for parents and children as well!

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All the sites have been honestly reviewed to give you a flavour of what they are about and a quick overview of whether they contain what you are looking for. Obviously, such a large collection of links takes a considerable amount of time to maintain and you may come across the occasional dead link that has now gone off line. If so, please let us know about it.

You may also know about sites that we don't feature on our pages - please send us the URL of the site and we'll add it to our ever-growing list. 

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If you would like to recommend a link for our pages please click here. We would especially welcome links for secondary teachers.

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Found an Error?

If you have found an error while browsing our links - for example a link that no longer works - please tell us about it.

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