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Photo Resources Database

Like all teachers, we are hoarders - and what we have here is a growing range of photo resources for you to browse, download, copy, use - or whatever you like to do with them!

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Our photo resources have all been tried and tested by teachers in schools, so they have the practical seal of approval. Of course, not all will be what you need, or be useful, but we hope you'll be able to find something to your liking. There are photographs, worksheets, sample policies, record sheets, links to websites, ideas for assemblies and lots more.

All the photos and resources in the ICTeachers Resources Database have been freely given by the authors and photographers, who retain ownership of them. You may use them as long as:

  1. you do not charge for them;
  2. you acknowledge their source.

We have recently begun to make some of our images available in a larger size. These larger size images will take longer to download, particularly if you are connecting to the internet through a normal telephone line, but will produce larger prints on paper. The smaller images should be fine if you intend to view them on a computer screen or through a data projector.

If you wish to use photographs from our site for commercial purposes please see our Photo Sales page.

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