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 PSHE, Citizenship & Other Issues-Related Topics

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bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Bullying Online
Help and advice for children who are having a hard time at school, parents, schools and governors. Information on how to stay safe. Also a link to a 24 hour email helpline.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) CEWC-CYMRU
CEWC (Council for Education in World Citizenship) -Cymru is an educational charity working with young people to promote understanding of the contemporary world. It provides support for local, national and global citizenship education in Wales.
CEWC-Cymru provides a range of activities and services to schools and colleges, including model parliaments, model United Nations, Schools' debating championships and classroom activities.
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Games, animations, slideshows, factfiles and videoclips related to Social and Health Education,  PSHE and Citizenship topics. It looks like a fun way for kids to learn. (There are Parents' and Teachers' pages, too. The Teachers' pages have information about the appropriate keystage for each content item)).
Health & Sex Education  
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) The Sex Education Forum
The Sex Education Forum, which is based at the National Children's Bureau, is the national authority on sex and relationships education. Information and links.
See above
PSHE top.gif (1541 bytes)
R Time
Relationships to improve education: Quote, "
R time is a structured programme for schools that develops positive relationships between children. It does this by creating an environment that supports and enhances good manners, attainment, and citizenship."
Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. This well-respected scheme soon became flavour of the month for PSHE, particularly in primary schools. The materials can be downloaded from the Standards Site. May not reflect current Government policy.......(2011)
Other Useful Sites  
Tiki the Penguin
One World's site for children. A fun way to learn about things like pollution, climate change and food.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) T.E.A.M. -T.E.A.C.H.
A site dedicated to providing information and training in methods of avoiding and/or defusing confrontational situations.
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