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This page is a "rattle bag" of maths sites - some for teachers, some for children, some for parents and some for all comers. Browse through and take your pick.

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An American site with some useful java interactives with a focus on problem solving
Base Ten Block Activities ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)
This site offers on line virtual base 10 blocks (units, tens and hundreds), rather like a MyWorld page, with a number of activities to use them on. (Ignore the message saying, "I've Moved" - he doesn't seem to have done).
BBC ReviseWise ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)
Useful revision site with fun activities, tests, factsheets and worksheets.
BBC SkillsWise
Aimed at adult learners, this site has a lot to offer, especially to older children who have found Maths difficult. The explanations are clear and there are factsheets, quizzes and worksheets.
The Constants and Equations Page
This is really useful.  Do you want to know the mass of the Earth, its volume or the time of sunrise in Kabul on January 18th? Do you know how many gallons there are in a dry pint? Do you know what a slug or G-pound is and how many Kg it is equal to? This site has over 4500 pages of information about scientific, mathematical or astronomical constants and equations. All those mathematical relationships are here together with some explanations.
Children's Mathematics Network
CMN is an international, non-profit-making organisation for teachers, practitioners, students, researchers and teacher educators working with children in the birth-8 year age range. They focus on children's mathematical graphics and the meanings children make.  The content is fascinating and well worth a look. (Oh, and it's a site that ICTeachers built!)
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Count On ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)ks3.gif (965 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
The University of York's Maths site for pupils from Reception to Year 9. Lots of great stuff.
This site has a java powered program that draws harmonograms, spirographs, and Lissajous figures. The decaying motion of the plot fills in the shapes with their spiralling-in echo. Encyclogram can also draw the curves in varying colours against a black background, resulting in breath-taking works of art that can be as beautiful as fractals. See the gallery of examples.
The World of Mathematical equations - this is an international site telling you everything you ever wanted to know about mathematical equations.
Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Sections  ks2.gif (967 bytes)ks3.gif (965 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
This is a mathematicians delight. Dr Ron Knott at the University of Surrey explains all about these fascinating and magical number sequences, from simple ideas to complex mathematics. There are puzzles and teaching ideas, too. I love it.
Figure It! ks2.gif (967 bytes)ks3.gif (965 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Maths Challenges for Families. Aimed at middle school age children this site offers up to 80 different maths challenges for children and their families to do at home. Each activity is supported by real world examples, extensions and parents' notes about the mathematics involved. This is one to recommend to parents or to use to find some interesting homework tasks.
Freeware and Shareware for Arithmetic and Mathematics
A number of downloadable resources
Giant Interactive Maths Calculator vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A javascript-powered basic calculator that fills the screen. It runs in a webpage which can be downloaded for use offline. It comes in two sizes suitable for different screen resolutions. Graham Jennings, who's site this is on, also has a collection of other resources.
ICT Games for Infant Learners ks1.gif (967 bytes)
Toftwood Infants' School have produced some useful little number activities using Flash. (There are also Literacy games here). You can download the Flash Reader from this site, too, if you haven't got it. It's a nice looking website, too.
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany
Masses of stuff - and just what it says on the tin.
Interactive Teaching Programs and ICT Resources (for teaching Maths)
This collection of downloadable programs for teaching maths is on the Department for Educations and Skills' Standards Site. The programs are excellent (I think) and are ideally suited to using with your interactive whiteboard. Most of them are interactive Flash movies and so will work on either PC and Mac. There are about 30 programs, covering a wide range of maths skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of downloading them all at once. Click the link, then scroll down the page.
Plastic triangular tiles in two shapes that can be use for tessellation and other geometric activities. The sets of tiles have to be purchased but the site has masses of support materials. Well worth investigating - look at the online workbook.
Kids' Maths Games
Lots of drill-and-practice type maths games to help children develop skills.
Logo - MSW Logo page
From here you can download MSW Logo (for a PC - It's free). There are also links to a number of useful Logo related sites.
Mathematical Association
"Supporting mathematics in education". Periodicals, meetings, roadshows etc.
Maths Forum ks2.gif (967 bytes)ks3.gif (965 bytes)
Enormous and excellent loads of downloadable resources in pdf format suitable KS2 higher ability& KS3 upwards, some really baffling.
Maths Online primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Whilst most of the content is only available to subscribers, there is an interesting and useful collection of free stuff. In the Games Room there are some useful games and simulations (including a version of the old Eureka simulation of Archimedes in his bath), but have a look too in the Resources Centre and the Worksheet Library.
MathsRoom  primary.gif (1033 bytes)secondary.gif (1047 bytes) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
This site, produced by Michael Aitchison, a teacher in Scotland, is a really useful collection of links and activities for teaching and learning Maths from Primary through to A level. It looks a little odd to English eyes because it is categorised by according to the Scottish levels rather than  the English system but, hey! we can figure it out.
MathsWeb primary.gif (1033 bytes)secondary.gif (1047 bytes) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Leicestershire LEA's Numeracy Website. Really useful resources, assessment ideas and advice, teaching ideas. Well worth a visit.
Mathematical Interactivities vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Puzzles, games and other online educational resources. David Hellam produces terrific little flash games for supporting mthematics teaching. This is a must visit site.
Mathematics Worksheet Factory primary.gif (1033 bytes)
Create instant, customized, and unlimited maths worksheets for the practice of whole number, decimal, and fraction operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You need to download the free version of the program. Well worth the effort.
MathsZone primary.gif (1033 bytes)secondary.gif (1047 bytes)
A collection of links to free maths activities and resources. Very well presented. You can find resources by key objective or by searching in the relevant keystage page.
Mystic Roses
A mystic rose is the pattern you get when you draw all the possible diagonals of a regular polygon, together with its bounding circle., This online activity lets you choose a number of points between 2 and 110. You can also choose a colour scheme.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives primary.gif (1033 bytes)secondary.gif (1047 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
This is one of the best maths things I have seen in a long time. It is the outcome of a project based at the University of Utah and consists of a collection of maths activities designed to engage children in doing rather than being told about or simply practising maths." Mathematics," they say on this site, "is not a spectator sport." There are activities for preschool to upper secondary.
NRich Mathematical Enrichment Club secondary.gif (1047 bytes) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Lots of enrichment activities mainly for secondary pupils. Lots of interactivity.
top.gif (1541 bytes)
NRich Primary Maths  primary.gif (1033 bytes) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A great site with lots of puzzles and games to stretch those mathematical brain cells! It has a wide variety of interactive pages for children aged 5-16
Number Crew
channel 4's number site for use with 5-7 yr old bright and interesting useful special needs as well music and helping animals! 
Number Gym
A developing website of free activities which are intended to give children practice and reinforcement of number concepts in an enjoyable way. The emphasis is on active participation rather than passive viewing of Flash presentations. The activities should be particularly useful with interactive whiteboards.
Number Puzzles
Monthly puzzles give entertainment and education for all ages (they say although more suited to KS3 and up). Excellent printable number puzzles, cross puzzles (words and numbers). Also Interactive puzzles. May be useful as group activity and homework /holiday work files.
Numeracy Software primary.gif (1033 bytes)secondary.gif (1047 bytes)
Free downloads of lots of useful files: MSW Logo procedures, Excel spreadsheets for maths activities, screens for MyWorld and more.
Loads of downloadable, photocopiable worksheets
Perfect Times primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A card game for practising times tables skills. You can play the 9 and 24 times games on line or buy the cards (You can also get the CD from Cambridge University Press).
Plot the Robot ks2.gif (967 bytes)ks3.gif (965 bytes)
A maths activity site involving both calculation and use of co-ordinates. This site includes printable activities and a free downloadable book. The activities involve solving number problems which allow you to arrive at co-ordinates. When the co-ordinates are plotted and joined in sequence a picture is generated. Colourful and well worth a look.
Primary Games primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
From the same stable as Teaching Tables this site has a collection of games to help children develop and practice their maths skills and knowledge. Some of the games are quite challenging. (If you like them you can download the games to use offline or buy them on a CD for about 10).. Excellent.
Primary Worksheets ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Loads of maths worksheets generated before your very eyes! Choose the one you want. Print it. Click the button to generate a new version. Great!
top.gif (1541 bytes)
Problem Solving ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)ks3.gif (965 bytes)  vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)

This is a must see site! Loads of problems tied to the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum but easy to apply to the UK NC. The home page gives a good explanation of what problem solving is and why it is such a valuable tool for mathematical education. Then there are problems set at levels 1 to 6 each with specified learning outcomes, extension activities, resources (including copy masters in English and Maori!), alternative contexts for the problem and a set out teaching sequence... and all laid out on a simple, quick loading pages. Excellent!
RekenWeb ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)
Lots of little online flash games for young mathematicians on this Dutch (but in English) site. secondary.gif (1047 bytes)
Skoool provides Maths and Science lessons for students to download. It is hosted by a variety of broadband consortia. Children download a special browser which then allows them to download lessons for use off line. they say that is a new concept in e-learning. Looks interesting to me.
Teaching Ideas for Primary Maths primary.gif (1033 bytes)
Lots of ideas from fellow teachers for maths activities and games to play The site has a nice clear index page. Don't miss it!
Teaching Tables primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A collection of online Flash games and worksheets/ worksheet generators to help children learn and practice their multiplication tables. Simple and excellent.
Teaching Time primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A site with a collection of interactive games and activities to help in teaching about time. There are also supporting worksheets to download although most of them will only print if you have paid the modest fee. This is from the same author (Mark Cogan) as the excellent Primary Games and Teaching Tables sites.
A page of links to sites about tessellation. Excellent.
Time  primary.gif (1033 bytes)

This is a set of activities which will help you work out and understand time. The games use AM and PM as well as digital and analogue clocks.
Time and Date
vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
All sorts of information and calculations about time, time zones, dates, calendars etc.
Totally Tessellated vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A wonderful site all about tessellations. There is an introduction with explanations about different kinds of tessellation, a lot of stuff about MC Escher (perhaps the most famous tessellator of them all).
WisWeb vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A Dutch website offering flash activities for a range of age groups. There is some excellent stuff here (most of it in English). The home page looks a little dry but it is well worth exploring.
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