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24 Hour Museum
They call it the UK's National Virtual Museum; it is a gateway to the online presences of the UK's publicly funded museums. You can find out about museums in the UK, catalogued by type and area. Loads of museums are listed, with links to those that have websites and there is lots of information about current exhibitions and events. This is a really excellent resource. It's also worth knowing that there is a children's version called Show Me .
The Bank of England Museum
The Bank of England Museum tells the story of the Bank of England from its foundation in 1694 to its role today as the United Kingdom's central bank. As well as details of the museum and its opening times the website contains an excellent interactive timeline that is well worth exploring as well as quizzes and other things of interest.
The British Museum - An Introduction
Full of information about the museum’s collections. Children can explore a section devoted to Ancient Egypt, teachers can find all the information they need to plan a school visit.
Franklin Institute Science Museum (Philadelphia)
Go to the Learn or Explore sections and visit the InQuiry Attic to experience such wonders as the Heavenly View, Bicycle Technology and the Wright Brothers' flight notebooks. Lots of scientific interest here.
The Imperial War Museum
This homepage has links to several subsites: The IWM itself, The Cabinet War Rooms, IWM Duxford, HMS Belfast and IWM North.
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust
The Ironbridge Gorge was the Silicon Valley of the first Industrial Revolution and was the first area to be awarded the status of World Heritage Site. Information about the area and the museums and the beginning of a collection of project activities for pupils who are visiting the museums (in the Resources section). resource.
Museum of Antiquities
A great site from the Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle upon Tyne. This museum deals with the archaeology of the north east of England. There's lots of interesting a stuff here; children will enjoy the Reticulum section about life in the north of England during the Roman Period. An object of the month section explores an archaeological object in depth and there is now an archive of previous objects of the month. The pages on Hadrian's Wall are not to be missed!
Museums of the Potteries
An interesting guide to the museums that make up the home of English pottery. It gives access to history of the area, artwork and a timeline.
Museum of Science, Boston

Much improved since my last look. This excellent site now loads quickly and has lots of superb content.
The Learning Curve
This is the online showcase of the Public Record Office's National Archive. There is a huge variety of historical information which can be viewed by date or by key stage. There are sections containing lesson-sized "snapshots" and in-depth topics. There is also a section about historical skills. This is a superb resource for History teaching.
The National Maritime Museum
Masses of information and images about the history of sailing and the Sea. Online access to the collection, which is the largest maritime collection in the World. There is an amazing amount and variety of information and great interactive activities for children in the Kids / e-earning section.
The National Railway Museum, York
Definitely one for railway buffs! Perhaps not so much for teachers, although there is a nice section on the history of railway posters. The graphics can make it slow to download.
The National Tramway Museum
The UK's premier museum about trams, at Crich in Derbyshire.
Natural History Museum
Yes - That big place in South Kensington. Galleries, interactive features and ant colony webcam!. Loads of info on the natural world.
National Museum of Science and Industry
Clicking on this link takes you to the main homepage of The National Museum of Science and Industry. NMSI is a family of museums which includes The Science Museum, London, NMSI Wroughton, The National Railway Museum, York and the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television. All their sites are linked form here
Science Museum On-line exhibitions and Interactives
Part of the Science Museum's site. Lots of interesting things...
Show Me
This is the children's version of 24hour Museum (See top of page) "We show you the cool stuff from the UK's museums and galleries".
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