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Languages Abroad
This link leads to a "Learn Spanish in Spain" site (not the one detailed below) and has links to similar sites for French, German, Italian, Russian and English (as an additional language). There are some free language teaching resources and games, too.
Alien Language
Learn the names of the parts of the body in English, French, German or Italian. This is a great game that you can play on line or download to play off line.
Anacleta's Spanish and World Language Links
A nicely presented website focusing on Spanish. It's mainly a links collection but has other useful stuff, too.
BBC Languages
Very useful! Pages about French, German, Italian and Spanish and an extra section for other languages.
Don Quijote
This website, devoted to the Spanish language and all things Spanish is a commercial concern but has a very useful free section. Markus Renstrom, their marketing man, says, "
On our website we offer free online Spanish language resources, like the Spanish word of the day, Spanish level test, interactive games, dictionary, info on the Spanish culture and much more."
E L Easton
A site dedicated to language learning. It has lots of useful materials and links. Lots that would be useful for EAL and for those studying or teaching a range of other languages, as well as a whole page of links devoted to answering the question, "Why study languages".
A comprehensive list of links to sites offering free resources for learning Spanish at all levels.
Internet activities for Foreign Language Classes
These pages from the California Language Teachers' Association contain advice and ideas for using the internet in MFL teaching and has a page of links recommended by teachers.
Languages On Line
Lots of interactive exercises in a variety of modern languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan) at a variety of levels - some for beginners, some more advanced. Well worth a look.
Learn Spanish in Spain 
Tommy Tokstad is an enthusiast for the idea of learning a language in the country in which it is spoken. His site contains information about the Spanish language, its use in business and elsewhere, dialects, how quickly you can learn it, Spanish culture, which courses you can find at a typical language school in Spain, visa requirements -- and particular emphasis on how to find a good school. This is an excellent resource for anyone thinking of studying a language abroad.
Lingu@net Virtual Language Centre
CILT's presence on the internet. There are links (including to their own pages on  variety of languages), materials, advice about using ICT in language teaching, a forum and more.
Hangman in Many Languages
Just what it says on the packet :-)
I Love Languages
I Love Languages is the languages catalogue of the WWW Virtual Library. It has links lists for 198 world languages (including the usual European languages that children in UK study in school). There are links to online dictionaries for 19 different languages and more....

The website of The National Advisory Centre on Early Language Learning, which is an offshoot of CILT. This is a must-visit site if you are involved in teaching modern foreign languages at KS1 or KS2. There is advice, downloadable resources, information sheets, publishers' details, examples of good practice, a page dedicated to networking (for both teachers and pupils) and information about professional development.
Quia Online Activities
Links to a collection of on-line activities. Choose your language from the list of available subjects and tehn search for the kind of activity you want. Quia activities are submitted by subscribers and they do not guarantee their quality. Worth a look, though.
Another links collection with links to sites for lots of languages.
Zut! Online activities
Zut! provides a comprehensive set of interactive activities for secondary MFL teacehrs. This link is to their French Site but there are links from it to their sites in Spanish, German and Welsh. There are hundreds of exercises, many of which have audio samples of native speakers. It is an easily navigated resource, organised for each year of study and includes exercises for the interactive whiteboard.
Zut! is free to use in the evenings and weekends, but for use during the school day you will have to register (and pay! - you can use ELCs and it's pretty inexpensive).
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