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Government Agencies, Quangos &
Local Government Links

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Government Agencies and Quangos  
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) British Council
Whether you want to learn English, find out about the latest ideas from the UK, or discover what the British Council is doing in your own country, this is the place to start. 
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) British Library
Search online for over 18.5 million bibliographic records and discover all about this great national institution.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Department for Education
The departrment's main site gives access to all the latest Government information and bumph.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) The National Archives (UK)
The National Archives Education pages are an on-line teaching resource, structured to tie in with the History National Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to 5. Designed for teachers, contains a varied range of original sources including documents, photographs, film and sound recordings.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Learning and Teaching Scotland
Covering all aspects of education north of the border, this site has a useful ICT section aimed specifically at Scottish teachers.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Ofsted
Someone's been listening. Much improved site. Contains information about Ofsted and its work. Much easier access to individual school reports using a sophisticated search tool using School name / Address / Post Code etc. All presented in easily read format.
Primary Languages
is is a must-visit site if you are involved in teaching modern foreign languages at KS1 or KS2. It is the national gateway to advice, information and support for everyone interested in primary language.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)
This site has recently undergone major changes and is faster and easier to use. If you need to know what is going on in teacher training and professional development, both now and in the future, this site is worth a visit..

Local Government Sites

bullet1.gif (148 bytes) CLEO Virtual Resource Centre
Cumbria and Lancashire LEA's superb Virtual Resource Centre has recently been completely updated and is better than ever. Much of the content has a local slant but generally applicable. The site is open access for teachers, parents and pupils anywhere. There is so much here!
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Staffordshire Learning Net
Lots of vital information for anyone who works for or lives in Staffordshire and useful for anyone interested in education and the net. For resources look at the Subject Areas section and under each subject look at more about..
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