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bullet1.gif (148 bytes) 4 Teachers
An American site dedicated to helping teachers integrate ICT into the classroom. There is a range of online tools that look really useful. Registration and use is free.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Active Worlds
This web site it is hoped will encourage educators to explore new concepts, learning theories, creative curriculum design, and new paradigms in social learning. (Please note, however, that this site gives access to a chat community).
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Activity Village
ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)
Lots of activities, links colouring pages, puzzles, printable crafts and games, jigsaws, worksheets and wallpaper and other stuff to amuse and educate under 10s. The owners of this site say, "We believe that busy kids are happy kids and do our best to provide things for them to do!"
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Alison
You might find this useful. Alison provides free online courses and tutorials in a number of areas, mostly related to workplace skills. I haven't investigated it very far but it looks like it might be useful to teachers and older students.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Andrew Rudd's Web Page
his site is a little difficult to categorise. Andrew Rudd is a Lecturer. His website is simple and has a varied collection of useful things including: sections on Art, Music and Poetry, Literacy, Software and the Internet and The Curriculum. There is also a useful section of technical advice for those using Acorn computers.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Board with Teaching
Lots of information and links to help you develop your skills in using interactive whiteboards.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Brainbinders
Paper folding puzzles - dozens of them. Each one is a printable pattern of coloured shapes that must be folded to leave a single colour on each side of the paper.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Bullying Online
Help and advice for children who are having a hard time at school, parents, schools and governors. Information on how to stay safe. Also a link to a 24 hour email helpline.
top.gif (1541 bytes)
The Children's University of Manchester
Pages and pages of simple explanations with animations and so on, each is introduced by a professor or working expert from the University of Mamchester. Topics include Biology (the Human Body, Teeth and Eating, Micro-Organisms, the Brain and Senses), History (Ancient Egypt), Energy and the Environment,  Astronomy, Art & DT (Talking Textiles), Literacy (Words)
EarthCamsForKids vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Links to hundreds of webcams around the World. All sorts!
Eclectic Homeschool Online
This is an American site dedicated to home schooling. The site takes a Christian world-view but the articles and resources (lots of them) are not limited to purely Christian materials.
The Edge
website promoting enquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society. Big questions are posed, eminent minds (or rather the people who "own" them) write articles or engage in disussions. Fascinating stuff. (Example question: What do you believe is true, even though you cannot prove it?)
Education Jobs
Could be a useful site to consult if you are looking for a change of job.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) European Schoolnet
Quote: "The objective of the European Schoolnet (EUN) is to promote the use of information and communications technology (ICT) among schools in Europe..."
A useful site to look at if you are considering building links with another European school.
top.gif (1541 bytes)

Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers
but also some useful stuff for those of us on the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean. - Teachers Lounge
They say, "Access thousands of quizzes designed by teachers world-wide. Create your own quizzes with Quiz Lab's easy-to-use authoring tool. Allow students to take quizzes over the Internet in the classroom, in the library, or at home. Get quiz results automatically via e-mail. Quiz Lab grades them for you".
GCSE Help ks4.gif (972 bytes)
Online learning activities and other stuff to support revision in a range of subjects at KS4 .
Get Streetwise ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes)
A first class site giving advice about teaching your children road safety. Looks American, but the advice is for UK.
An Australian-based (I think) website with MASSES of stuff for teachers and pupils. Well worth a look. There is a wide range of resources as well as a section devoted to setting up email links between classes in different schools in Ireland / US / Canada / Australia / New Zealand.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
This is from Discovery Learning (part of Discovery Channel). They say,"Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the best sites for teaching and learning." and so it is.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Landmarks for Schools vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A website dedicated to developing informational literacy in the internet age. Links to online information sources, tools and teaching and learning resources. LfS was one of the first educational websites and is still going strong. (Mostly USA focused but well worth a visit).
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Learning Page
(Formerly Sites for Teachers) A links list with lost of links for teachers. Well worth a look. (you have to join to use it - but it's free)
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) MAPE (Micros in Primary Education) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes) primary.gif (1033 bytes)
Archive of MAPE material can be found on the NAACE site
MAPE have been involved in the field of ICT in education almost since the beginning of time. Now part of the large NAACE organisation, this part of the site has a collection of articles about using ICT in different subject areas in the primary school, some really useful resources and lots of great activities for kids. top.gif (1541 bytes)
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) NAPE - National Association of Primary Education
All the news and views.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Owl & Mouse Educational Software vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
There's some great stuff to download on this site and most of it for free, including interactive maps of all the continents, where you have to drag the country to the correct place on the map and learning letter sounds for pre-school children and much more, including build a castle, town and farm.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Perpetual Preschool
This site claims to have over 12,000 free ideas for educating and entertaining small children. It's certainly worth a look!
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Pitara
Another Kids' site based in India.It is full of interesting stuff with an Indian perspective. There are stories and folktales, current news, games, educational content and more.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Project GCSE ks4.gif (972 bytes)
Project GCSE is essentially a library of coursework and essay examples for GCSE and A level. There is lots of help and advice for students. The site has a whole section about plagiarism, and actively discourages it.
Project Happychild vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
"Linking children all across the world". This site provides a way for children to contact other children over the internet. There are downloadable resources, available in a range of languages, information content, links and lots lots more. This site is well worth a visit.
Project Poster
A free resources where pupils can make online projects including an image and weblinks. Teachers have to register (free). I haven't tried it, but it looks useful.
Prongo primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
A great site for kids. There are Flash games (some educational and some not so educational), quizzes, jokes, puzzles, clipart to download and more.
Puzzlemaker ks1_2.gif (1080 bytes) vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Great for making mazes, word searches, maths squares and a host of other useful plays on these! When I first logged on I thought it would just be simplistic but I soon found that it was an excellent tool for creating worksheets. I can heartily recommend this site as part of your online tool box!
Quia secondary.gif (1052 bytes)
This is an interesting site. It contains a large number of subject-specific games and quizzes made for pupils by pupils or teachers. By joining Quia (no longer free, although there is a 30 day free trial) you and your pupils can use the tools to produce your own quizzes and games and add them to the site. There are lots of free downloadable / online activities - look in Shared Activities.
Free revision resources for GCSE and A Level covering 20 different subjects.

top.gif (1541 bytes) SATs primary.gif (1033 bytes)
Now actually part of eMaths website. Download past KS2 SAT papers (Maths back to 2000; English and Science back to 2003)
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Star Tower primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Xemplar's Star Tower consists of a constantly-developing library of educational activities designed for children at both school and home. The key characteristics of all the activities is interactivity. Whereas 99.9% of the content of the World Wide Web consists of nothing more than reading matter and illustrations, the Star Tower material is dynamic. Try it and see - you won't be disappointed!
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) TargSATs
Target setting and assessment software for schools.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Teacher/Pathfinder Educational Village
A well designed American site for K8 - K12(American). Wander around the village and visit the different areas depending on your needs. This site has got extensive links to many resources from around the States. It also gives some good links regarding child safety. (However, quite a number of the links are out of date).
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) The Teacher Network
Not to be confused with the DfES's TeacherNet, this site contains useful information for teachers including links to popular educational sites on the internet, search engines, classroom resources etc.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Teaching News
Formed from the amalgamation of Primary Teacher UK and Teaching Blog and run by Mark Warner, who also runs the Teaching Ideas website. The aim is to share the latest news, links and teaching ideas, in order to support teachers around the world.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Teachers Report Assistant
The Teachers' Report Assistant is FREE software to help busy teachers in compiling annual reports. It offers the flexibility of being able to quickly copy and paste objectives from other documents.
Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers primary.gif (1033 bytes)vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Just what it says - Resources and ideas. Excellent.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) TES Teaching Resources
A place where teachers can share resources. getting on for 150000 free teaching resources.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Worksheet Factory (by Schoolhouse Technology)
Resource creation software for teachers. This site is selling it but they have "lite" versions which you can download for free.
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