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Paintings and Artists  
Art of Australia
A useful site for finding out about the art of indigenous Australian cultures. There are lots of examples and explanations.
The Artist's Toolkit
Images are made up of many different elements, such as lines, edges, colours and shapes. Watch short animations which explain them, Find the elements in real pictures, then experiment for yourself online. There are also links to short videos of two artists at work.
Art Unframed
A massive Art History resource with access to more than 23,000 paintings by over 2,000 artists. simply laid out and easy to navigate.
CGFA Fine Arts Museum
If you're looking for a first class range of Western artists from Greek times to the modern day, then this is the site for you. The Artist Index lists artists in alphabetical order and you can also search by date or school. Excellent.
Crayola Creativity Central
Crayola are the company that make those crayons and paints and stuff. Their website has activities for kids and ideas for parents and teachers. Great stuff.
Digital Palette
This site from Worcestershire LEA is superb. It is full of ideas and visual resources for using ICT in art together with examples of work done be real children. f you are using computers for art work then this is a must see site.
Teachers' guide to teaching about impressionism and a take "guided tour through turn of the century France and explore the interesting concepts that defined the Impressionism art movement"
Do you like those adventure books where you read the page and then make a choice at the end of the page about where you go next? You know the ones I mean? Well this is the same! An excellent adventure to get you looking at paintings. You'll love it!
Library of Art History

They say,"The History of Art Virtual Library is a collection of links relating to Art History and computer applications in Art History. The site is sponsored by CHArt, the Computers and History of Art Group. We aim to list sites relevant both to people with a general interest in the subject and to students and scholars of Art History."
A bilingual (French / English) site dedicated to the works of the first Impressionist. Images are there but very slow to load.

Basic information about Rembrandt and a lot of pictures to view and download.

Van Gogh Information Gallery
Wow! If you want to find out anything about the man and his work (including recent news and developments) this is the site for you. There are graphics, too, for every one of van Gogh's 876 paintings (as well as an additional 1,326 graphics on the drawings, letter sketches and watercolours)

Galleries and Museums

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
A small, but informative site about this major provincial museum. The Fitzwilliam has an excellent education department and their Egyptian gallery is a great place to take KS2 children.
Global Children's Art Gallery
Just what it says on the tin - a place for viewing and displaying art by children from all round the world.
The Hayward Gallery, London
Information about major touring exhibitions of modern art and media. Regularly updated.
The Louvre
The famous museum in Paris
The Metropolitan Museum of New York
Superb site. Huge number of online images together with information about them. You can search for artists by name and can even make your own online museum collection. The home page features a different ArtiFact each day.
Museums Net (Museums in the UK)
Links to museums all over the United Kingdom - at least all those that have websites. Find out where to go and what to see. A must for planning school visits. Regularly updated.
The National Gallery, London
Information about Britain's national art collection. You can visit parts of the gallery on-line and view paintings from the collection. They have a superb education department, with good information on-line.
The National Gallery of Art, Washington
Searchable for information about pictures and artists. Lots of  images from the collection can be viewed.
The National Portrait Gallery, London
Visit this fascinating gallery and see painted portraits of famous people. Find out what all those historical characters really looked like! Again, excellent educational facilities.
. The National Portrait Gallery, Washington
This is the website of America's equivalent of our NPG.
The Prado Museum
Visit Madrid's famous museum and see good quality images of some of their collection. (Searching with the search box empty gets everything!)
The Tate Gallery, London
A slick website with links to the Tate's other sites around the country, including St Ives and Liverpool. It has a full catalogue of works in the collection, but disappointingly few illustrations. The site now also has pages and samples  from the new Tate Modern.
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London
The V&A is the world's largest museum of decorative arts. This is a flashy and complex site which isn't easy to navigate - but it's worth sticking at it. By using the tours under the explore option you can view a selection of objects from the various galleries.
WebMuseum, Paris
Lists of painters and movements. Lots of background information and lots of images for each page.

Other Interesting Art Sites

Art Attack
The website of the well known children's TV program. (It might be worth turning the sound down before clicking this link!)
A huge site with a featured museum page and links to other museums worldwide. Search the database of over 6,000 artists' names. Choose an artist and it will give you links to the museums or galleries where the artists's work can be found and sites where illustrations and information can be found. Excellent.
The Art of Crime Detection
Originally from the Art Edventures suite, this interactive activity looks at the role of left and right brain in the skills of the artist. Fun. (Includes a teachers' guide).
Art Teacher on the Net
An award winning American site aimed at children, teachers and parents. (The art treacher is called Valerie Colston). The site is colourful and eyecatching and is packed with ideas for artistic projects and activities as well as other art related information.
A Pintura, Art Detective
An interactive detective adventure to help children from KS2 upwards learn about art and artists.The player has to identify a mystery work of art by comparing it to the work of 6 well known artists.
Site of the Minneapolis Institute of arts. Includes indexes of lesson plans and activities and links to other sites with similar resources.
The Bayeux Tapestry vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
The entire tapestry illustrated in 35 sections, with a brief description of each. You can also view highlights and information about the construction and history of the tapestry.
The Collage Portal
An image database containing over 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery in London.
Fixing Shadows
This site is subtitled STILL PHOTOGRAPHY. They say, "Fixing shadows consists of a set of pages devoted to photographic topics including the work of individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest and value. We also want to develop pages devoted to family photography and to miscellaneous "found" photographs that catch our fancy." There are both photographs and articles. The site has links to lots of interesting things including the pages about the photography of Lewis Carroll.
Incredible Art Department
An American site, but with loads of information and links which are useful for teachers in the UK. Lesson plans are available, too!
Jackson Pollock
Just a bit of fun! Paint like JP. Move your mouse around to throw paint (the slower the movement the bigger the splashes); click to change colour.
Northumberland Art Information Sheets
A collection of posters and worksheets on different aspects of art eg. Tone, Line, Colour, Pattern, Texture and many more. All downloadable for free.
Regional Arts Pages
This is the UK Arts' Council's website. Very useful site for teachers to find out what is going on locally in the arts. 


21st Century British Sculpture
A collection of information about and images of the work of an enormous range of modern British sculptors.

QCA Links that might be useful in planning for QCA Units


Isle of Wight LEA's Art & Design page. Links, resources and ideas for the QCA Units.

4C Journeys
Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy is a sculptor who uses natural materials to build his sculptures. This section of the 21st Century British Sculpture site is a collection of photos showing examples of his work and of him working. Correspondent Margaret Allen recommends these photos for use with the QCA module on Journeys. She says, "The last thirteen photos, I think, give a really good analogy of a journey taken. From the beginning - Where you plan it, with some of the experiences along the way, where you are sometimes on your own, at other times you could do with some company. Sometimes things go well, and you need to look back and reflect and look back from different perspectives / angles until you reach your destination which again offers all sorts of opportunites / views etc."
Sign Posts
This page from the Heritage Woods On Line website gives some ideas for using a woodland visit  this topic. (This is a pdf document. You will need the free pdf reader to view it - there is a link on our Resources Home page).

Software A selection of useful programs that you can download for free.

This is a freeware
3D modelling and character animation program. Download it - use it. You can also download a user manual in PDF format. The site also has tutorials and a gallery. I like the look of this.
Art Rage vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Great painting program which has tools that mimic real brushes, pastels, chalks etc. The full version costs but the free Starter Edition has enough facilities to keep your pupils happy for ages.
Gif Animator
A simple utility program (originally from Microsoft) for combining individual frames into a "flick-book" style animation in gif format (a standard internet animation format).
IrfanView (pronounced "ear fan view") vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Still one of the best free photo-managing programs. Great for viewing photos and for simple photo-manipulations such as cropping, rotating, colour adjusting, resizing etc. vmstar.gif (1122 bytes) is a sort of souped-up replacement for Microsoft Paint that comes as a freebie with all Windows computers. It is freely downloadable from this website. Although it is free it does have a lot of features.
Photofiltre vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Another excellent fully featured image editor which is freely downloadable. There are lots of add-ons that can be downloaded from the site but most come with the instructions in French (Most are pretty obvious even if you don't parle Français).
Pivot Stick Figure Animator vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
Just what it says - this wonderful little program lets you draw and animate stick people (and other stick figures). You can also include background images. Kids love it (and so do I)
Tux Paint vmstar.gif (1122 bytes)
An excellent simple painting program.



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