About ICTeachers

  Tim McShane  tim.mcshane@icteachers.co.uk

Tim is the managing director of ICTeachers and its founder.  His particular areas of responsibility are customer services, servers and the editor of the almost monthly newsletter. 

Currently he is an e-learning facilitator for the National College for School Leadership (NCSL).

Until recenty he was a Deputy Head Teacher at a primary school in the UK and has worked as an advisory teacher in his authority on Control and Monitoring.  He has also has run several training sessions for schools, LEAs and other adult groups.

In his spare time he acts as European Regional Director of WiredSafety www.wiredsafety.org and has represented them on the Home Office's Internet Task Force sub-groups on Child Protection, Criminal Law and Law Enforcement. Recently he has worked in conjunction with Newham Council to produce three videos on Internet Safety aimed at preteens, teens and adults as part of the WiredUp Communities project.  This was distributed to all schools and libraries in Newham.

To top this up he works as a consultant to BECTa on their New2Computers programme.  He also facilitates the facilitators on the new BECTa ICT Coordinators forum.

Tim is currently studying, part-time, for an MSc in Advanced Learning Technology at the University of Lancaster.  He has a beautiful wife, three wonderful children, two cats, one car and worries a bit his weight.  Recently he took up karate karate but his love of cream cakes made him stop..

  Bop Hopcraft's Picture  Bob Hopcraft bob.hopcraft@icteachers.co.uk

Bob "The Builder" Hopcraft leads our web design team.  An experienced Head
Teacher with a masters degree in education, consultant leader and External Adviser for Headteacher Performance Management, he has incredible experience at making sense to teachers of the intricacies of creating a good website.  Always patient and ever willing to listen, Bob has been the driving force over our increasingly successful web design and hosting business.

He has skills in both the design and technical aspects of web building and
has a range of instant fixes for your website needs. He's happy to deal with
you by e-mail or on the telephone - or even face to face if you live close
enough to Hertfordshire! Why not contact him and get your school on the web?

Brian Kite  brian.kite@icteachers.co.uk

Brian is skilled in all things financial and as such takes care of our accounts.  

Known as Brian "The Giant Killer" Kite (ask him why!), he is essential to the company as he issues invoices and counts in the money.  Woe betide any school or company who does not pay their bill in time without proper reason or a note from a parent.

Always reasonable, and a successful head teacher in his own right, Brian is part of the solid foundations of the company.

  Mike Freedman's Picture  Mike Freedman  mike.freedman@icteachers.co.uk

Mike "Vaultman" Freedman is the secret behind all those wonderful resources and links to sites that are regularly updated.  He spends his days and evenings sifting through the dross to pull out the pearls with which to grace the site.  

Always ready to help a visitor who wants something in particular, Mike is an indispensable part of our team and is also a consultant to BECTa on their New2Computers project.

Fiona McShane fiona@icteachers.co.uk

Fiona is the latest addition to our ICTeachers' family.  As our chief sales consultant she works the phone and answers the emails.  A reformed technophobe, she knows what it is to be confused by the technology and empathises with all those in this state.

With her background as a qualified nurse, she is the calm, soothing voice of reason and would be delighted to take you through the process of getting a website with ICTeachers.

Give her a ring and say hello.

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