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This is a list of sites, which teachers may find useful for preparation for, or use in, the Literacy Hour.

The list has been compiled from a large selection of resources sent to me by a large number of people. Many thanks to all whom sent in site details, particularly all those in the Bectans and Portables Literacy mailing lists. This resource does not represent the views of Cornwall LEA. It is a co-operative effort, collated by Chris Griffiths. All sites should have a hyperlink, and apart from the last section, all have been tested.


Major Resources

Sites with lots of links to other literacy resources: The BBC Education site – type literacy into the search box and away you go! and read/ BBC interactive literacy activities: My favourite – an interactive spy adventure and simple spelling, but the kids love it! This is great reminds me of my old BBC! The premier teachers site – full of static, black and white (old fashioned?) resources for the whole curriculum. A must visit site. The Bolton Curriculum ICT Centre – a must visit site – here is an LEA offering some excellent resources – and they’re cheap too! This is a useful site, especially for KS1. Lots of tips and ideas. You need to join/subscribe, but it only takes a day. There is also a site for UK (, This excellent site has many interactive reading and writing activities. Interactive stories, poems and E mail. Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site, American, but has some useful advice on good literature and activities for using it. Part of the Becta site – lots of resources generally – if you can find your way around. A wonderful site from Stockport LEA. All LEAs should have one! Loads of links to great educational sites. A must – must see! My favourite located here is – a super story – well told – and not too slow! WritingDEN is a commercial site, with lots of quality resources. Gives links for primary pupils to explore the web. Some of these are excellent – not specifically literacy, (though lots of non-fiction activities) but definitely a resource for your Favourites folder. This used to be a great site, now it seems to be mainly pay to view, but some good literacy resources anyway – check out the Pooh activities – I like them! "Schools UK" I think – lots of resources – mainly secondary based – I think. Meet Sebastian Swan and his interactive big book – a super site, from Kent LEA with KS1 activities on a new theme each term. Lots of resources fort teachers.


Poetry The poetry society. Not a lot here now – but lots to come I expect. Haiku – perfect poetry medium for kids – well I like ‘em – a super site, just full of the stuff. Irish Poetry Page Poetry for children: This is a great resource for poetry writers, I particularly like the e-mail idea. John Hegley - a great poet – for kids. (Did I ever tell you about the time I stole his KitKat?) Good poetry site for children. A selection of children’s poems for children . A good user friendly site.


Individual Books / Authors Treasure Island - A superb site – well almost – lots here for children to reference while reading this classic. The R L Stevenson Home Page Alice in Wonderland - An Interactive Adventure! There’s a whole terms work here. Great book, great site. The Roald Dahl Home Page R L Stevenson - Treasure Island text A full e-text of Wind in the Willows If you’re into Goosebumps, you’ll love this. A good, interactive site. An essential site for any child reading the diary. Educational activities should be on-line soon. Excellent site devoted to Enid Blyton. The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page Children can read, play with and even e-mail the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A large site, full of fables and the associated morals,

Recommended. The world of Beatrix Potter tells us about the life of the author and the characters in her books. Suitable for upper KS1 and KS2. If you like The Cat in the Hat – then this is a must, based on the books of Dr. Seuss, with lots of good activities.


Literacy Specific sites

The literacy resource site – the entire contents of the "lunch box" – easy to find resources – full of good teaching ideas – unfortunately it uses acrobat reader – which is a little slow The software company’s literacy site – some good ideas on using ICT in literacy. A literacy planning database – looks interesting On-line information and links to support literacy. "Explore illustrated stories from around the world: rhymes, fables, adventure stories, folk & fairy tales" The national year of reading home page –

Some super intentions! An excellent Canadian web-site which centres on literacy for children. Links to authors and other good resources. Lots of reading, writing and speaking / listening activities – a little formal - not all very inspiring – but a useful resource. English teaching in the United Kingdom (KS3/KS4)

Very useful index of Literacy Strategy strands – particularly useful for SEN. Well worth a visit and print out. International Reading Association:

For synthetic phonics information from St Andrew’s University - very topical at present. The English Teachers' Web Site (secondary level) The Virtual English Language Centre: CAL program for English language studies: Grammar and literature resources:


Children’s Writing Lots of kid’s writing and some interesting e-mail ideas. This site has a lot of children’s writing, linked to a comercial publication. It comes highly recommended. an American site for on-line young writers.


Library Style Sites This is a general children’s book site, well presented with lots of good links. CLWG Children's Literature Web Guide – lots of good links to other sites. – this is the teacher’s resource area. IPL Story Hour – more on-line stories for younger readers. Book titles for junior readers (Federation of Children’s Bookgroups) The Realistic Wonder Society: (downloadable children’s literature): Children's Storybooks Online – Virtual literature – great stuff too – divided into different age groups – this site is definitely worth including in your Favourites folder. – this is a counting activity / story – lovely. – this is a story with a King Arthur link for older children. An Internet Library – mainly KS3/4 The Dorling Kindersley site. The Oxford Reading Tree site. On line reviews, booklists and other resources for teachers and children. Children’s Literature Guide: Waterstones book shop Another library site - Fairrosa Cyber Library home page – particularly interesting list of resources for a topic on dragons. Extensive resource of children’s books in full text format. A "Network Library". Mainly adult (Lady Chatterley!), but some children’s titles. The site is split into fiction, non-fiction and poetry sections and displays the whole text of the selected books. Very useful for copying selected extracts.


Newspapers Northcliffe Newspapers in Education: Electronic Daily Telegraph: Create your own newspaper (and more): The SAPERE site is aimed at upper primary / secondary

but with links and resources (multicultural stories / newspapers) on line.


Odd and Ends Don’t know what’s here – I got bored and moved on. Philosophy for Children server, a community of inquiry in cyberspace: – reportedly a useful site, but I couldn’t open it. I haven’t seen this site, but it comes recommended.