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Exploranet for general science stuff.
Forth Bridge
A great site about the bridge with links to lots of other useful sites. When you get there you need to select "Other Structures" from the menu on the left hand side - UK Bridges provides a map of bridges which you can click on to get photos.
bullet1.gif (148 bytes) Get A+
If you're stuck on any aspect of maths or science homework then these people offer free help! Teachers and college students have joined together to offer you this service free.
Heroes of Science and Technology
Lots of information on Richard Arkwright the Cotton King. Also info on the inventors of steel and the toilet, plus four other lesser known inventors. Need to subscribe to access the whole A to Z of inventors.
How Stuff Works
The name says it all. A huge collection of interesting stuff - car engines, combination locks, food, the immune system - readable and informative explanations of everyday technology and natural processes. You could get stuck here for years!

Science/nature for kids.
Online Experiments
Wow! Practical experiments to do at home or in the classroom. Have some fun and learn some useful science at the same time!
Science Central
A site with all that is best in science.  A collection of over 500 science links that take the search out of searching for decent resources or information!
Science Explorer
Look no further - science experiments galore!
Science Museum, London
Clicking on this link takes you to The National Museum of Science and Industry. You can reach three museums via this link. The Science Museum has information about exhibitions and collections in the museum, visitor information, movies and sound about Renaissance engineers, a look inside Apollo 10 and the chance to build a rocket online. The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television has information about the museum, visitor information, and information about photography. Chance to Make your own television programme. The National Railway Museum has information about exhibitions and collections in the museum, visitor information, story of the railway, railway posters and photographic exhibition.
Have fun with this site! Learn all about time and try some of the exciting activities which include such interesting topics as Time Machine, Exact Time and Beat the Clock.
Virtual Museum of Computing
This virtual museum includes an eclectic collection of World Wide Web (WWW) hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and on-line computer-based exhibits available both locally and around the world.
You Can with Beakman & Jax
A general science site for children.
Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Especially for young scientists interested in the body and insects.


Amazing Space
Don't miss this tour through the amazing reaches of outer space. Deals with all sorts of fascinating subjects, such as black holes and distant galaxies. Again, very slow to download.
Junior Eclipse
All you need to know about the event of 1999.
NASA Website
An excellent site. Everything you every wanted to know about spaceflight, past and present. Lots of photographs, pictures, animations, videos and audio clips.
Nine Planets
Another excellent site packed with interesting information, photographs, pictures, animations and videos. It is written in a format that will appeal and interest primary school children. Text is large and clear and difficult words can be looked up via a dictionary.
Out in Space
A great site for juniors and lower seniors with basic information about the planets and spaceflight. The section on spaceflight has some superb archive photographs as well as recent information about the space shuttle.
Solar System
A site researched and built by Year 6 children at Hugo Meynell School, Staffs. Don't miss it!
Lots of information about the planet Mars and linked activities. You can lead a virtual expedition to the Martian surface and get instructions to make a model of the Sun - Earth - Moon system.
Space Place
Younger children will LOVE this site, packed with all sorts of interesting activities about space and astronomy from NASA. Get out your sticky tape and scissors and prepare for some fun! Very slow to download initially.
An excellent site for youngsters with a real interest in astronomy. Its pages are written on two levels - level one aimed at the primary age range and Level 2 at secondary. Don't miss it!
Views of the Solar System
Learn all about the Sun's planets and trace the history of man's conquest of space.
Who's Out There? - A SETI Adventure
A site suitable for older children which examines the possibility of life in outer space. Part of the main SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) site.
Windows to the Universe
Lots of information about the Earth and the universe with games, puzzles, and a colouring book
The Natural World


Animal Information Database
Everything you ever wanted to know about animals - and a bit more!
The website for endangered species.
Brucie's Buddies
Brucie Gull has a club for children aged 4 to 14 with the motto of 'Kids Caring for the Environment'. This fun-filled website from New Zealand teaches you about the environment through activities, cartoons, games, contributions and a direct e-mail line to Brucie Gull himself.
Bug Club
Lots of fascinating information on creepy crawlies.
Euro Turtle
Conservation and biology of the Mediterranean sea turtles.
Evergreen Project Adventures
Both of these are part of the same American site (beware of spellings!) with very much of an emphasis on American woodland environments. Includes the Partners For Growing site.
Four Seasons
A site focusing on environmental education. It includes "The Weather Project", "Signs of the Seasons" and "Energy and the Weather". An excellent resource.
Reducing waste in the environment.
Grassland Explorer
These two sites are all part of a much larger site called Nature Explorer. It is attractive and easy to navigate. They are designed to support Key Stage 2/3 Life and Living Processes. Also available on the Nature Explorer site are "Pond Explorer", "Kingfisher Trail", "Sunrise Trail", Woodland Explorer and "Infant Explorer" (a literacy site for Key Stage 1). Very useful! (PS Spot the spelling mistake on the shield bug page!)
Hyper Hurricanes
Learn about super storms.
Marwell Zoological Park
More animal information.
Find out all you ever needed to know about the weather.
Natural History Museum
Yes - that big place in South Kensington. Galleries, interactive features and an ant colony webcam! Loads of info on the natural world.
Nature Grid
Directory of evironmental organisations in Kent (Nature Reserves, Environmental Centres etc). Virtual tours of some centres available, such as Canterbury Environmental Education Centre and Virtual Pond Dip.
Other tours under construction.
Ocean Planet
Discover all about the oceans and seas of the world. Topics include pollution, sea surprises, and biodiversity.
Recycle City
A great place to find out about environmental issues.
Renewable Energy
A site aimed at older children and students which gives all sorts of information on renewable sources of energy. It also provides quizzes and activities.
Find out all about birds in their youth pages.
Secret Garden
This is an amazing site that shows you the natural world of flowers from a different angle - x-rays. See the beauty of flowers as you have never seen it before.
Another American site with some fascinating pictures of snow crystals taken with an electron microscope.
A host of activities and information about the sea and animals in general. Do wordsearches and puzzles!
Volcano World
The place to go for the latest news on volcanic eruptions.
A great site for information on rocks and our earth.
An American site with lots of ways to investigate water. Combat pollution and clean up a virtual oil spill. Follow the toilet flush to learn about sewage and recycling, or create your own miniature water cycle.
Water Science for Schools
Exactly what it says - enjoy!
World Climate
Weather data from around the world.
World Wildlife Fund
A great site for animal and conservation information.
Yucky Bug World - Cockroaches
A great resource for studying minibeasts.
They're so yucky!
The Human Body


Come To Your Senses
Explore the five senses with the help of Mr Potato Head! This site is packed with information, activities and pictures.
Constipation Concentration
Warning! This site contains rude noises. Why do we make them? Find out here!
Discover all you ever needed to know about your ears.
Eyes Have It
Did I really see that? Test your eyes and learn how they work with your brain to.... well.... fool you!
Inside the Human Body 
Find out all the gory details about how your body works!

Illusion Works
Discover all about optical illusions, puzzles etc.
Muscle Page For Kids
A great site, showing a variety of muscles around the human body using photographs and animations.
Optical Illusions
Find out about optical illusions and how they work. Great fun! Lots of information about the eye and brain.

Researching The Brain
Know how your brain works? You will do after you've taken in this site. Loads of information on anatomy, diseases, and intelligence, plus games and activities to tax your brain!
Discover the secrets of the human skull.
Taste and Smell
Investigate the relationship between taste and smell with these simple activities. The site contains a glossary and a simple explanations of taste. A useful resource for KS1 and KS2 teachers for science topics relating to food, the body or the senses.
Tour The Human Body
Discover each of the eight body systems and how they work, then check your understanding by completing the quiz. 
You Must Be Hearing Things
It's not only your eyes that can be fooled into seeing things, but your ears can be fooled into hearing things! Yes, they are possible. Don't believe it? Check it out 'ear!!!!
Your Gross and Cool Body
Discover the sights and sounds of the human body. You can explore bodily functions (e.g. spit, snot, or ear wax) or learn about body systems. Gross.... and cool!
The Physical World


Atoms Family
A fun introduction to some of the basic principles of physics. Find out about kinetic and potential energy, atoms and matter, light and electricity. You'll love it - it's great!
Essential Guide to Rocks
A BBC site which says it all!
It's A Breeze: How Air Pressure Affects You
Find out why ears pop, how much pressure we are under and why we don't collapse.
Making Waves
This site tells the story Marconi, how he discovered radio and his first pioneering experiments in communication.
Mechanical Toys
All about toys that move! Rubber bands, springs, flywheels, candles and gravity power the toys which range from camphor boats to rubber-band guns. Get loads of ideas!



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