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General Literacy Sites
Year of Reading
A very informative site, giving general information on how to get involved and gives advice for parents. The readers' exchange is a great place to find out what other people think of a book before you buy.
DfEE National Literacy Targets
This site delivers its title and not much more. You can download the two PDF files that it contains about how this is going to be achieved. You will Adobe Acrobat Reader (not available from this site)
Hampshire Literacy Site
An interesting site that contains an interactive story, which contains notes for teachers. Children have to register and the story unfolds over a period of six weeks. This is a novel and exciting idea and could be a great way for parents to read stories with their children. You must register your details with this site.
Anne Frank
This site is slow to load and its holocaust section is still under construction. There are some good extracts from the diary and pictures of her life. site
This may sound extremely boring - but there are all sorts of educational flash movies here for the little ones - and some for larger ones. Check it out! Great stuff - and growing all the time!

Books: Books On-Line to read for free!
The Book People
Good site offering every book you could want at very low prices. You can subscribe to their bulletin list to receive the latest titles, special offers and competitions.
BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library
A very quick, well laid-out site for works of reference, poetry, non-fiction and fiction and an excellent way to get at those classic novels after the shops close!
Bibliomania - Fiction Library - Contents
This sites includes works by Shakespeare, Joyce, Dickens, Wilde, Austen and Kipling and many classic writers. These need to be read on-line.
Children's Literature: Fairrosa Cyber Library
A tremendous site with all sorts of literacy goodies, from classics to information about children's authors and illustrators. A fascinating section on Lewis Carol.
Children's Storybooks Online
Safe surfing but very sl-o-o-o-w. Sounds, riddles and mazes mainly written by Carol Moore.
Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales & Stories
All the Hans Christian Andersen stories on one site! Full text with original illustrations. Visit and find a good read from the 168 stories.
The Oxford Text Archive
Definitely for scholars!! Archives of texts and browser software. Worth a look!
Definitive legends from Arthur via Robin Hood to Macbeth and Blackbeard. Poets and Painters. Links galore. Follow up Blackbeard and visit the current excavation of his ship in Chesapeake Bay!
Puffin Books UK
Explore the house in this site. Stories for the fog of the bathroom, comfort in the bedroom or browse the living room full of an alphabet of pocket biographies of authors
On-Line Books
News, features and archives....... look out for Charles Lamb's commentaries on Tales of Shakespeare for a quick synopsis of all the plots.
Dorning Kindersley
Complete catalogue on line with access to illustrations for which DK is renowned. Password entry
Aesop's Fables
More than 655 of Aesop's fables on screen. Listed with title and moral. Click and find the whole story often illustrated and many with audio readings. Aesop with an American accent!

Stories and Writing
Kids on the net
A superb website dedicated to publishing writing by children all over the world. Contains stories, poems, opinions and much more as well as clear instructions to children about how to submit work. Kids will love it.
Stories from the Web
Hosted by Stockport LEA this is a must for all interested in reading and writing. Full of great reads and information about authors - you can also play games and write your own stories and reviews. Don't miss it!
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Site sorted into features and books. There is a Curriculum area containing fiction with high Maths content but very American. They have an advantageous purchase agreement with
IPL Story Hour
A collection of children's stories from a variety of authors. Most are picture book-like but some for slightly older children. Quite colourful and fun but rather American.
The Tales to Tell
Excellent collection of beautifully illustrated stories from around the world : rhymes, fables, adventures and folk & Fairy Tales. There is also useful background information about some of the stories. 
Telling Tales
A website dedicated to storytelling with links to performance storytellers, some stories, ideas for writing stories and examples from readers. Lively site - well worth a look.
Infant Literacy Explorer (Kent CC)
A literacy website designed for KS1 children and teachers by Kent LEA. Four "Big Books" with supporting materials for teachers. There is also a "pinboard" where children's emails are displayed (and teachers' too!). Excellent.
Mrs Mad's Bookarama
Great Book Review site. Children can search for reviews of books on according to their interests and ages. Kids can submit their own reviews and there are jokes and games.
Korean Folk Tales

Favourite Authors
Awesome authors on the Web
Into the Wardrobe: The C S Lewis Web Site
Judy Blume Home Page
The Beverly Cleary Home Page
The Dickens Page
JRR Tolkein Information Page
Eric Carle Website
The Roald Dahl Home Page
The Unofficial Ursula Le Guin Page


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