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General Geography Information


National Geographic
Gives access to an online version of the National Geographic magazine. There is also the facility to print out maps, and to view an archive of photographic images. Provides links to travel and tourism sites. Some of the pages are very slow to load.
CIA -- The World Factbook 1999
Look up any fact, geographical, political or economic, about any country you care to think of. This site has been set up by the CIA, so presumably is useful for any would be spies!!!
The Commonwealth Institute
A source of information on commonwealth countries.
Teaching Ideas for Primary Geography
This site contains a selection of activities and worksheets to download dealing with mapwork, learning about places and weather. You are also able to contribute your own ideas.
The National Railway Museum, York
Definitely one for railway buffs and there is a nice section on the history of railway posters. The graphics can make it slow to download.
Earth and Moon viewer
A definite must for work on the Earth in Space! View a map of the Earth showing day and night regions right at this moment, as seen from the sun, the moon, or a satellite. Or view the moon from above named locations. There is also a link to an interactive orrery.
Earth View
Part of the above site.
Study Web: Geography
Provides links to sites of a geographical nature. Most of these seem to consist of maps, although there is also a section on Natural and Human Made Disasters.
Screen Cam Links
More Screen Cam Links
These two sites are both gateways to web cams all over the world - see what's happening out there, live!
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
World Surfari
The Ellis Island, New York, site
Lots of links and search facilities relating to the millions who passed through there and into a new life in the States.
Lots of information relating to Japan. Site run by English speaking architects based in Tokyo.
Informal Cyberspace Tour Depot
This site is particularly useful for students in middle school. The main tours deal with street markets and bazaars in Egypt and Mexico and all the tours are accompanied with commentary.
Geographia Homepage



On-Line Weather Forecasts: UK
If you want the latest weather forecast for your region then this is the site for you. Climatic data for the major cities, satellite pictures and even a "weather window" for your own website. It's all here!
The Met. Office
The Weatherman's website! Everything you'd ever need for a "Weather" topic.... and then some! Look in the "Education" section first on this huge searchable site.
The Tornado Project
All you ever wanted to know about tornadoes but were afraid to ask? Yes, but also a big push to sell you books, videos and posters! Some useful information can be found in "The Storm Cellar".
Latest Weather Satellite Pictures
Part of the Met Office site. Great pictures in jpeg format updated every six hours. This is what the Net was made for!




A very good site for anyone studying Antarctica.
What's It Like Where You Live? Tundra
What's It Like Where You Live? Taiga
What's It Like Where You Live? Deserts
What's It Like Where You Live? Temperate Forests
What's It Like Where You Live? Grasslands
All of the above sites are now part of the larger Evergreen Project site called "Biomes of the World" It's best to start at the index page at and there are links there for all these sites. Much easier to navigate that way. A well thought out and comprehensive resource.
The Evergreen Project also has two other sections that might be of interest on Freshwater ecosystems and Marine Ecosystems which can be found at and respectively.
Wild Places
This is the Friends of the Earth site and it places emphasis on our need to protect our wild areas. Best bit of the site is where you can type in your postcode and a map of your local arae is generated showing local sites of special scientific interest (SSSI). Clicking on them shows information about each site and whether it is under threat
Build a Prairie
Join the great adventure - turn a barren plain into a healthy prairie. The success of the adventure depends upon the choices you make.


Tropical Rainforests


Zoom Rainforests
A Wealth of basic information about many aspects of rainforests with links to further information all pitched at a level that is accessible for children. Particularly good are the pages about rainforest animals.
Rain-Tree's company website
Rain-Tree specialises in medicinal products of rain forest origin. The site has useful information about the economics of rainforest usage, access to a database of rainforest plants and their medicinal properties, a fascinating page of rainforest facts, and a really useful page of categorised links to help with school projects. There is also a general links page and much much more. A really good resource.
Photojourney through the Costa Rican Rainforest
Well described and lots of good quality photos. Lots of short, quick-loading pages.
The Rainforest Database
A comprehensive collection of articles and information about rainforests. There is a contents list and the database is searchable. More suitable for older pupils.
The Rainforest Tram
The Rainforest Tram is an aerial tramway in the Costa Rican rainforest. This site give information about the tram and access to useful pages of links and information. The Quicktime panoramas of the rainforest are worth looking at.
Tropical Rainforests in Suriname
A virtual tour through the tropical rainforest in Suriname. Read about the flora and fauna, and the people who live there. Click on the links to look at the photos and listen to the sounds. Lots of nice photos but rather wordy. Track the URL back to to get to a worthwhile Botanic Diversity Page.
Tropical Rainforest Biome
A site created by American high school students. It gives a limited amount of information.
Amazon Interactive
Learn about the geography of the Amazon Rainforest. Find out about the inhabitants, and how they live off the land. Try running an ecotourism project in a simulation based on those on the Rio Napo in Ecuador.
Rainforest Action Network: Kids' Corner
Rainforest Action Network works to protect the rainforests and the people who live there through education and the organising of non-violent campaigns. Find out about their work, and what you can do to help.
Find out what a rainforest is and why they are important. Learn about the animals and plants that live in the rainforest. Send in your questions, and have them answered by a scientific expert.
What's It Like Where You Live? Rainforest
A site full of easy to find information, from flora and fauna, to the causes of destruction. There is information on both temperate and tropical rainforests.
Rainforest Stories
Read some of the legends of the rainforests. There are experiments for you to try at home, and pictures for you to print out and colour in.
Toucan Sam's Rainforest Encyclopedia
A simple online information book. Donít expect it to be terifically interactive, although the information given is easy to read. Sponsored by Kelloggs.
Rainforest Information Centre
Find out about the latest research into rainforest issues and read news updates from rainforest conservation projects. Obtain a list of eco friendly suppliers of timber products. A childrenís discussion page has just been set up. Check out the Rainforest Information Centre Children's Forest Links Page at 
Lots of links for children and access to useful info page on rainforests and the dangers they face.




Cotswold Villages
Not so much an educational site, more a travellers' guide to 15 Cotswold towns and villages. Written in a pleasantly personal style and giving good information about the interesting features of the villages, together with photographs. If you are planning a visit to the Cotswolds, or use them as a contrasting region of study, you will find these pages very useful.
Lonely Planet:Destination England
A not entirely flattering potted guide to England, its geography, history, economy and places of interest. Useful background if you are an American thinking of visiting us!
Ironbridge, Shropshire
A virtual tour of the town of Ironbridge, the Silicon Valley of the first Industrial Revolution. Each page has a good quality photograph, written information and navigation arrows to take you further along the street or round the next corner. An excellent way of preparing children for a visit to the area and its superb museums.
Shrewsbury, Shropshire
An equally good virtual tour of Shrewsbury.
Guide to the Peak District
If you are planning a visit to the Peak District then visit this site first. It is packed with information about the area, its history, geography, events and accommodation. The site is well structured and the presentation is both simple and attractive.
Travellers World: Guide to the UK
A Travel, Tourism and Accommodation guide to the UK. A potentially useful American site but currently with little hard information. It can, though, produce useful area maps and lists of local links.

Reviewer's note: There are many sites on the internet which give local information. Why not visit a search engine such as Google and simply type in the name of the place you want to know about. You never know what you will find!




Gives access to full colour physical and political maps of the countries of the world as well as a comprehensive collection of key facts and statistics about the countries. A very useful site for general geographical information.
This is a popular site and access is limited when it is busy. It is often available during the day.
3-d Atlas
Very informative pages about countries of the world. Information , photos, glossaries of relevant terms, flags, satellite images, cultural information are all here
Travellers' guides to cities in the USA. You can get up to date traffic details as well as locations of places of interest. You can also get maps of cities worldwide and mark them with places of interest. I found it tediously slow with a 56K modem.
World Factbook 1998: Reference Maps
A selection of maps of areas of the world (in jpg form) with main cities marked. Nice looking but lacking in detail - certainly not as informative as the equivalent pages in a printed atlas, and more difficult to read. Outline maps are also available in pdf form. They show coastal outlines (might be useful to print out for colouring in) but no other useful information.
Atlas of the World
A collection of maps, catalogued by continent. Each one shows a country with its cities and its road and rail links. There are also maps of an eclectic collection of 8 or nine cities, which show the main areas of the city but no details and what appear to be a number of satellite images.
World Time Interactive Atlas
You have a globe. See where it is day and where it is night. Click on a spot to turn the globe to face you. Zoom in or out. Find out the time and the times of sunrise and sunset for today in the cities of the country you have selected. Or choose your country from an alphabetical list. The site is simple, clear and quick.
How Far is it?
Look up the distance as the crow flies between two places on the Earth's surface. You can ask for towns or give longitude and latitude. Some of those crows fly HUGE distances!
European Cities
Interactive Maps
Lonely Planet: Visit Any Country
Lonely Planet: Destination Europe
London Interactive Map
UK Active Map
Map Machine
Maps of Great Britain
Maps of the New Europe




Niagra Falls
The Amazon
The River Thames
River Derwent
The Name of the River
River Thames Interactive Map
River Nile
The River Trent
This site follows the River Trent from source to mouth, including aerial photographs, narrative and useful vocabulary along the upper, middle and lower course of the river. It has sections on River facts, Flooding, Settlement, Uses and Conservation. A very useful site!


Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Volcanoes of the World
Volcanoes in the Learning Web
Model Volcano to make from Paper
Volcanoes on Line
Volcano World




Lonely Planet: Destination India
Excite Maps View
About India
Art from India ShalinArt presents Art of India
India Today Group Online
Rambhoja and the Search for the Treasures of India
India Tourism and Travel - Government of India Tourist Office, New York
Discover India
Itihaas The History of India
CIA -- The World Factbook 1999 -- India
Destination India: Gateway to India
India Culture, Travel, Cuisine, Business, Leisure, Arts and Crafts
An Introduction to India
India on Internet




Yorkshire Information Centre
North York Moors, Yorkshire Wolds and Yorkshire Coast
Yorkshire Tourist Board
Whitby Museum
Whitby Home Page
Elizabeth Botham and Sons, Bakers of Whitby
The Yorkshire Coast
History of North East England
Captain James Cook
Captain James Cook: the World's Explorer



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