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Just for Fun


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Just for Fun
The Tango Site
This is the ultimate daft site from those Tango people. Enjoy!
Go here to find where all the cool and fun sites are!
Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Just what it says - revolting science experiments... you'll love it!
Enid Blyton Ltd
Meet all your favourite characters from the ever popular author.
A. Pintura Art Detective
Put on your detective outfit and stalk the thief...
Headbone Derbies
Crazy fun for all.
Headbone Zone
More crazy fun for all.
Animal Zone
For animal lovers.
Audrey Wood Clubhouse
For book lovers.
Berit's Best Sites for Children
Check it out for some great sites.
Billy Bear 4 Kids
Fun, games & much more.
Bic Clubhouse
For those interested in writing.
The SuperSite for Kids.
Cadbury's Website
For chocolate lovers!
Candlelight Stories
Stories and much more.
Mysteries for budding detectives!
Children's Museum
Join "The Great Adventure".
Children's Literature Web Guide
For bookworms.
Interactive magazine for kids.
Art, craft, stories & games.
Discovery Kids
If you like adventure this is for you!
DK Kids
Great CD-ROMs, checkout the website
Create funny faces!
Nothing like real school!
Hampster Dance
If you're feeling sad!
For art lovers.
For horse lovers.
Just for Kids who Love Books
Exactly what it says!
For the coolest spots on the Net
Kids Online
Music, games, sport, fashion etc.
Kids' Space
Share art, music, stories etc.
Chat, email-pals & fun galore!
Kids' Clubhouse
Fun stuff & brain teasers.
Publish your own stories on the Net.
Stories, songs, games, jokes etc.
Go on a virtual visit... before you visit!
The Mousepad
Join Vikimouse for a feast of fun!
Loch Ness
All you needed to know about the wee monster!
Nessie on the Net
A must for monster hunters!
The Neverending Tale
Add to an online story.
Nick Jr.
One for the little ones.
Poetry for Children
For poetry fans.
Scoutbase UK
For Beavers, Cubs & Scouts.
Tooncat's Kids Club
Art, stories and more
Virtual Refrigerator Door
Publish your pictures on the Net!
Webcam Central
See the world as it is - right now!
Webmonkey for Kids
Make your own webpages.
Weimann Family Homesite
Links galore!
Zoom Dinosaurs
If you love them you'll love this site!
ALFY - The Web Portal for Kids
Welcome to TUKIDS!!




Visit those little whistling beings from outer space... mum's and dads will love it!
Doctor Who
Find out all about the time-traveling timelord.
The website for families
Disney UK
Meet all your Disney favourites and join in the fun.
The Simpsons
What more can we say??
Childrens' ITV
All your ITV favourites
All your BBC favourites
Fun and games with Kermit & Co.
Activities for younger Net surfers.
Thomas the Tank Engine
For young fans.




The Beano Home Page
Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Lord Snooty - they're all here... mums and dads will love it!
Asterix Web Site
Read all about the popular French chap who led the Romans a merry dance.
Dynamo's Den
Quizzes, comic strips & games




All Mixed Up
Classic online games like Hangman.
Online games for all ages.
The Big Busy House
ooks and word games.
AFRO-Americ@ All Fun & Games
David Jack - Fun and Games!
Forensic Files
The Fruit Game Home Page
Funbrain Educational, Online Games for Kids
Seussville Games
Challenge of Materials
Science games.
Games, puzzles, books & much more
Drag and Drop Puzzle
Practise your mouse skills
Games, contests etc.
Kids' Domain
Contests, games, software etc.
Macromedia Shockrave
Online computer games.
MSN Gaming Zone
All kinds of games and puzzles
Online Games
Noughts & crosses, draughts etc.
Freebies as well crosswords, anagrams and scrabble.
Classic online computer game.
Snow Maze
3D online game.
Star Tower
Brilliant educational games.
Super Science
Games for young scientists.
Solve Word Puzzles and Play Interactive Word Games On-Line



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