The answers to these questions about The Tudors may be found by clicking on the link below each one. You could write the answers down when you find them or you could try a spot of multi-tasking by clicking here and typing in the answers (or copying and pasting) as you find them. Good luck!

     When did the Tudor dynasty begin? When did it end?

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     How many Tudor monarchs were there?

     When was Mary Queen of Scots executed? Her son succeeded Elizabeth. Who was he?

     Why did Henry VIII build up the English navy?

     The pilot of the Mary Rose had 5 tools. Give the name and purpose of each?     

     Where was Anne Boleyn executed? Why did a Frenchman carry out the execution?

     Take a stroll down the Tudor Street. Which objects should not be there?

     Why did Philip of Spain launch the Spanish Armada against England?

     Why was Mary I known as "Bloody Mary"?

     When was William Shakespeare born?

Now you have answered all the questions perhaps you would like to answer some more by playing the Elizabethan Spying Game and cracking the code!

Thanks to Tony Poulter for this Cyberhunt