The answers to these questions about Roman Britain may be found by clicking on the link below each one. You could write the answers down when you find them or you could try a spot of multi-tasking by clicking here and typing in the answers as you find them. Good luck!

  1. Julius Caesar made two (failed) attempts to invade Britain. When? When did the Romans  eventually invade Britain?

  1. Visit the Roman Baths (at Bath). Why would the original architect of the Great Bath have been horrified?

  1. Which two British leaders rebelled against the Romans but were defeated in 51 AD and   61 AD?

  1. Who are the king and queen of the Roman gods?

  1. Take a stroll down the Roman Street. Which 4 objects should NOT be there?

  1. How long was Hadrian's Wall? When was it built? Why was it built?

  1. What would you find on the floor of a Roman villa? What was under the floor? What      about its walls?

  1. How wide did Roman roads have to be? Why did the surface curve?

  1. Venta was a typical Roman town. What is it known as today? What was the pattern of its streets?

  1. In what ways did the Romans change Britain?

Now you have finished the questions how about some fun! Play Bath Bubbles, the Roman Bath Game, and help Claudius go quickly through the baths so he can relax at the Natatio.