Click on the links below each question to find the answers. Good luck!

1. What happened to the River Thames in 1953? What did they decide to build to solve the problem?

2. Where is the source of the River Thames?

3. Load the site below. Click on the River Book and then click on Student Book.
Click on page 16. How are waterfalls formed? Name some famous waterfalls and where you can visit them.
Now click on page 8. Where does the water come from to make our rivers?

4. How long is the River Nile?

5. How long is the river Amazon? Where is its source? Can you find out which countries it travels through (hint: click on the Amazon region on the map)

6. Why are rivers important? How do they get polluted?

7. How long is the River Danube? Where is its source and in which countries does it end?

8. What is the name of the chief river of India? Name two holy bathing sites along its banks.

9. Name the American States that the Mississippi River flows through.

10. The St Lawrence Seaway flows through Canada and joins the five Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. Name the five Great Lakes.

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