Are you good at counting? You will have to be to answer some of these questions! Click on the links below each question and you will be taken to a picture. Look at it CAREFULLY and you should be able to answer the question. Teachers can provide a worksheet for their pupils by clicking here and printing it out. The children can fill it in as they work their way through all ten questions. Good hunting!

1.  How many lawn sprinklers are there in this picture?

2.  How many little girls are playing "Hide and Seek"?

3.  How many red rectangles are there in this painting?

4.  How many sunflowers are there in this vase?

5.  How many dinosaurs can you see in the picture?

6.  How many horses are there in this picture?

7.  Look carefully. How many birds are there in this painting?

8. How many faces are carved into the rock?

9. Look VERY carefully at the first picture. How many people can you see?

10.  How many sky divers are there in this ring?

When you have finished all ten questions add up all the numbers. You could use the Windows calculator for this. Click on START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > CALCULATOR. What is your total?

Teachers   CLICK HERE  to see the answers  

Thanks to Tony Poulter for this Cyberhunt