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1  Why were children sent to live with strangers in the country during World War II?

2  What did the word "blitz" mean? When did the blitz happen? Name two ways in which people protected themselves from falling bombs.

3  When were the first Spitfires made? How many of these fighter aircraft were made in total?

4  What was an Enigma machine like? Why did the Germans think the enigma code could not be broken?

5  How did women's lives change during World War II?

6  When did Stevenage become the UK's first New Town? How many people live there now?

7  Where and when was the Festival of Britain held? What was the name of the tallest structure built for this exhibition?

8  When and where was Queen Elizabeth II crowned?

9  One of the most popular children's television programmes of the 1950s and 1960s was "Watch with Mother". Make a list of the programmes which were broadcast in this series on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. What was each programme about?

10  When and why was the British Telecom Tower built? What happened to it in 1971?

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